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The Veronicas & Michael Paynter

Published on June 26, 2010 by in Feature

In the words of the  beautiful and talented Chelsea Handler “What a … Threesome”.(any sexual connotation was completely not upon intended) I just had that line stuck spinning in my head. Now to what’s important, start reading.

The  Veronicas are well  known  for being nutty, with their looks that is. But with their taste on male talent (I don’t know what to say)  it seems  those two are pretty assertive.  The perfect example is the amazing collaboration they have just put out with  Mr. Michael Paynter(also Australian) their voices together are  mind-blowing really powerful  and just effortless, the lyrics to “Love the Fall”

The  video is been out for about a week and is awesome. Looks like straight form ” The Vampire Diaries”, everything about the  vid will  have  girls(and guys) from 17 to 24 jumping up and down while listening to the track over and over again.

PS.  Did I mention that The Veronicas,  both looked insanely gorgeous in that  funky Aussie rock-star sort of look, plain hot .

Well  if you are tired of reading about it,  scroll down and hit play and watch an awesome video. Full  EP is coming on July 9th.

Hugs, Spinner.


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