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Dan Black, and his Cigarrete Pack

Published on August 5, 2009 by in To the top


Warning: Dan Black’s Cigarette Pack is addictive and may cause toe tapping

Dan Black is to Brit Electronica what Ekon  is to R&B­-a fresh, innovative and simple mix of sounds that makes you want more. The laptop-DJ and former member of the alt-rock band, The Servant, was first put on the map with “HYPNTZ”, his catchy mash-up of Rihanna’s ubiquitous “Umbrella” and Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize” and its equally nifty video.

He is as easy on the ears as he is on the eyes, which should help make him a star once his first solo album, ((un)), is realized in North America later this year.I stumbled upon one of the album’s singles Cigarette Pack .After listening to it a few times, I thought it should come with a warning label that reads: this track is highly addictive.

Contact Music called it “winsome” and “one of the album’s best tracks.” But according to BBC music guru Lou Thomas, “It lacks the bite of the better album tracks but is an intriguing blend of vampiric, charming and cheesy, like Smashing Pumpkins covering Baywatch incidental music.” To which I say, “Meh. I love it anyway.”

After a few successful singles, he has demonstrated that he is a good artist on the verge of becoming a great one. I’m patiently awaiting ((un)) and already have a favourite song, the catchy and haunting “Wonder”.

 Mr. Dan Black 

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